Smog-Hogs and Dust-Hogs

Smog-Hogs and Dust-Hogs

NEW! Smog Hog SHM Oil Mist Collector

Bringing the latest technology to your facility.
Interactive Touch Screen.Easily view pressure drop so you know when a filter change is required. Controller is password protected to allow limited accessibility.

Flow Control Technology.Easily adjust the airflow using the touch screen. This quickly optimizes the system performance through air volume control allowing lower energy costs because you are not using mechanical dampers. Managing air volume is critical to proper capture of contaminant and maximizing filter life. Ask Diversified Equipment about the optional Auto Flow feature that allows the fan to automatically adjust to your process changes.

PEACH® Saturated Depth Coalescing Media.This media was designed specifically to capture oil mist and coolant contaminants. The media provides an open 3-D depth matrix structure which allows liquids to saturate the media depth and then drain with gravity, all while maintaining a low differential pressure. Check out our video and learn more about the latest technology found in our new media mist collector, the Smog-Hog SHM. You can also Download the SHM brochure to learn more about the 3 airflow paths and how the PEACH technology and the patent pending inner filter tube work to remove nearly all contaminants.
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Electrostatic Precipator Central Systems

Centralized Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators are used to control hazardous emissions which pose a threat to the environment and your business. Available with a unicell or separate ionizer and collection cell configuration, these systems provide customizable engineered solutions for tough emissions from asphalts, industrial cooking, plasticizers, textiles, rubber and other processes.
smog and dust central systems
smog central systems

Ceiling Mounted Systems

Smog-Hog mist collectors can be ducted from your ceiling to save valuable factory floor space. These heavy-duty electrostatic precipitators offer long-term industrial air cleaning to eliminate smoke, mist and dust generated by brazing, casting, flame cutting, drilling and more.

Machine Mounted Systems

The Smog-Hog SHN Series mist collector captures oil smoke and mist particles in drilling, grinding and a variety of industrial processes. This mist collector can be ducted, unducted or machine-mounted inside a facility to meet your requirements.
machine mounted systems
A new Dust-Hog® cartridge dust collector for indoor applications including thermally generated fumes from welding,
robotic weld cells, laser / plasma cutting, stone cutting, fiberglass and bulk powders as well as other common nuisance dusts.
Convenience and Ease without Sacrificing Performance
The new Plug-n-Play is easy to install and start up for your operation. The PNP is equipped with the best in class filter
technology, ProTura® DH nanofiber and you will find this Dust-Hog delivers energy efficiency with simplified maintenance.
  • Pre-wired blower with a small footprint making it easy to install
  • Easily access and replace cartridge filters
  • High efficiency, surface loading, ProTura DH cartridge filter media
  • Flow control technology allowing airflow adjustments to optimize system performance without mechanical dampers
  • or complex and expensive frequency drives so you can save on energy costs
  • The new touchscreen enables straightforward monitoring and operation of filter pressure, cleaning, hours of operation
  • and general settings
  • The PNP can be custom configured for your unique needs, with the best industry lead times
Contact Diversified Equipment to learn more!

Cartridge Dust Collectors

These are some of the most common pieces of equipment used in industrial settings for air pollution control. Whether the process is intermittent or heavy duty, Diversified Equipment of the Carolinas offers a wide breadth of cartridge collectors to fit your needs. We also provide a complete line of high-performance replacement filters that are compatible with virtually every major brand of industrial air cleaning equipment.
cartridge dust collectors

Baghouse/Media Collectors

Fabric-style media collectors offer the ability to remove small and large particles from indoor factories. We provide a wide assortment of bag and barrier-type filtration media to best fit a specific industrial process.

Cyclone Collectors

Cyclones are designed to remove large and moderate-size particles from the air stream for recovery or disposal. These can be used alone or together with another dust collector or after-filter, a cyclone separates coarse contaminants from fine, non-visible particles, and exhausts clean air.

Bag/Media Collectors

Eliminate dust, oil mist and smoke from a wide range of industrial processes with baghouse and media style filtration units, including Compact, Shaker, Free-Standing, Ceiling/Wall Mounted and Portable units – each designed to integrate seamlessly with many types of applications.
  • Compact style systems can be installed outside or inside and provide easy access for filter maintenance.
  • Shaker-style units effectively capture airborne pollutants at the source and clean their own filter media when they shutdown.
  • Free-standing units excel at collecting oil mist vapors and smoke generated by metal finishing and forming processes.
  • Ceiling and wall mounted units remove many pollutants including oil mist, dust, and smoke – both dry and wet particles.
  • Portable units capture airborne pollutants at the source, with flexible swing arms that make them ideal for quickly moving them from one application to another.
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Fabric-style media collectors offer the ability to remove both small and large particles from indoor factory processes. Choose from our wide assortment of bag and barrier-type filtration media to best fit a specific industrial process.
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