Wet dust collection


Diversitech manufactures and delivers reliable products that perform correctly in your application. They are a leader in the Air Filtration and Dust Collection industry making worker safety their priority. Their equipment source captures contaminants to filter the air. It is easy to use, easier to service, and is powerful enough to return clean air.
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Wet Dust Collectors

Diversitech offers a range of high efficiency, high external static pressure capacity, central wet dust collectors to safely capture combustible and hazardous dusts such as aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. Keeping these types of dusts under control is the key to keeping everyone safe. 
The wet dust collectors made of stainless steel construstion range in size from 1,200 cfm to 12,000 cfm. Customers can easily attach their ductwork to the unit for optimal capture and filtration of hazardous dusts.
wet dust collectors

Wet Downdraft Tables

Why Use a Wet Downdraft Table versus a Wet Dust Collector?
Wet downdraft tables eliminate ductwork and are valuable pieces of equipment if you perform high risk applications that include:
  • Mixing and grinding rubber
  • Mixing, grinding, blending and packaging food product
  • Mixing, grinding, blending and packaging pharmaceuticals
  • Grinding, cutting, or deburring metals like aluminum, magnesium or titanium
The type of wet downdraft table that is best for your workspace depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the operation, the types of dust being produced, overall safety needs and budget. Since worker safety always takes precedence when explosive dust is produced in the workplace, trusting Diversitech to match you up with the ideal wet downdraft table is the way to go.
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Wet Downdraft Tables

Welding Booths

WB Series

The WB series self-contained welding booth is designed for technical colleges, welding schools and limited footprint environments. The booth comes complete with: a 58” x 41” work surface, auto-clean (reverse-pulse) filter cleaning, washable reusable pre-filter, low cost replacement filters, and it returns clean air to the work space.
WS Series

Diversitech’s welding booths are designed for easy operation, installation and are built for years of dependable service. Booths are ideal for technical colleges, welding schools and limited footprint production environments. The WS series features an unpowered booth that is modular and ideal for multi-operator set up. The booths are custom sized, ducted to a central dust collection system or exhausted outside your facility. Several options are available including jigs, shelves, light kits and curtains. Booths can also be outfitted with backdraft hoods or extraction arms to exhaust filtered welding fumes and grinding dust
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Welding Booths
Welding Booths
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